Rock, Paper, Cupcakes

25 June 2011

first friday

The whiskey sour...

The crostini...

The menu board...

The wine...

23 June 2011

h'ors d'oeuvres and cocktails fridays

Tomorrow starts "H'ordeuvres and Cocktails Fridays", just a little something I promised my husband to make the fact that I don't work during the summer and he does just a little easier for him to bear. Stay tuned!

19 June 2011

cupcakes in jars part 2

Here's the finished product!. Very cute and easy to eat! I'm looking forward to doing them red, white and blue for the 4th!

17 June 2011

cupcakes in a jar

My neighbor wanted to make cupcakes in a jar for her son's high school graduation party tomorrow. It took us two hours to get this far.......

We used a recipe for chocolate cake from Taste of Home. I couldn't believe how easily the cakes came out of the jar. They just slid right out! They are cooling now, and then she will slice them and layer them in the jars with frosting and sprinkles. I'll post a picture of the finished product after the party tomorrow!

09 June 2011

cupcakes on kauai - part 2

My next venture into Kauai cupcakes involves Sugarmill Cupcakes. We had mint chocolate chip cupcakes for dessert tonight, and they were fabulous. The frosting wasn't overwhelmingly minty and the cake was moist and delicious. The baker currently sells her cupcakes at farmer's markets on Kauai, but she is planning on opening a storefront in August on the south end of the island.

cupcakes on kauai - part 1

Icing on the Cake is a bakery in Kapa'a run by Andrea and Patrick Quinn. I stopped in for an afternoon cupcake/iced tea and was happy to find fresh chocolate cupcakes that hadn't even been frosted yet. This was one of the best chocolate cupcakes I've ever had. The iced tea was great as well......a vanilla/chai blend.


24 April 2011

happy easter!

07 April 2011

summer journal

Inspired by the fabulous Alison May of Brocante Home, I was inspired to create a summer book to keep track of ideas and plans for summer 2011. I made sections for road trip ideas, home maintenance projects that I'd like to get done while on my break from work, plans for our vacation to Kauai, fun projects like "Hors d'oeuvre Fridays", 4th of July plans, and birthday plans for summer birthdays.

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